Everest Coin

A Mountain of Possibilities

EverestCoin is going to be the biggest crypto project on Binance Smart Chain. The token features a Play to Earn Game as well as a Lottery Raffle that rewards users with $1,000 weekly

Everest Coin

A Mountain of Possibilities

EverestCoin is going to be the biggest crypto project on Binance Smart Chain. The token features a Play to Earn Game as well as a Lottery Raffle that rewards users with $1,000 weekly

To be among the lucky 500 presale candidates to be whitelisted to partake in $EVCoin’s pre-sale, you have to complete the following tasks:

You can discuss with one of our Sherpas to guide you and provide you with images and memes you can use in your posts. Or subscribe to our memes channel at https://t.me/EverestCoinMemes

Share your tweets with us in Telegram so that we and your fellow Mountaineers will be retweeting them.

NOTICE: The more people you add, the higher your chances of getting whitelisted in presale.

This campaign starts on Thursday 26th of August 2021!




1,000,000,000,000 (One Trillion) Everest tokens on BSC.


There is a 10% tax on all transactions (buys/sells). Out of this, 2% is redistributed automatically to all holders, and 3% to the $EVCOIN marketing wallet to drive the marketing campaigns.


1% of transactions (buy/sell) goes to the burn wallet to reduce the total amount of tokens in circulation and increase value.


1% is allocated to the developers and 1% goes to the moderators.


1% will be going to charities that support the Himalayans and Shapers in the Everest.

Game Advancement

1% will be going to the development and advancement of the Everest Game.


1% goes to compensate the Dev/Creator of the project for inventing this project.

Lottery Raffle Concept

Everest coin invented a lottery concept to keep investors in profit irrespective of the ups and downs of the still volatile crypto market. All EVCoin traders are automatically entered into a USD 1K weekly raffle draw whenever they make a ‘buy’ immediately after a ‘sell.’ This lottery is designed to incentivize investors and keep the chart healthy by discouraging panic selling.

 Once the lottery contract end date is reached no more entries are added. Users buy and sell normally. If someone sells, the very next buyer who isn’t also the same seller is entered into the raffle. That investor must hold (after buying) a certain threshold of tokens. Once the lottery ends, a random raffle entrant is selected, and if eligible, receives the lottery winnings.

 Gamified investing allows investors more opportunity to earn profit while waiting for their investments to incur slow and steady growth. It encourages holding while keeping the investment process entertaining and interactive.

NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

Our website will soon feature an NFT Marketplace in which users can buy, sell, and trade their Everest Game NFTs. The site will include an NFT bag and users can connect their wallet in order to view or trade their assets.


With Everest Coin, the main feature will be the play-to-earn Everest Game. Mount Everest has inspired awe and wonder in countless adventures and dreamers alike, and the Everest Game will do the same. Within the game, users can play-to-earn EVCoin and claim tradeable NFTs. Players will also earn points in the form of EVCoin as they level up. All of these in game assets and currencies can be traded on the open market for other currencies or fiat.
Everest Game is a revolutionary game built around Mount Everest. Players are presented with varying levels of difficulty as they attempt to surmount the mountain. Similar to the ever present and lifelong dream of many adventurers, the Everest Gaming platform will offer adventure in the form of blockchain gaming.
Users will have the ability to interact with other players in game as they attempt to conquer the mountain as well as earn and purchase NFTs that help them finish their quest.

· Green Boot
· Green Jacket
· Green Glove
· Yeti
While more will be announced about the trajectory of the Everest Coin Gaming Platform, for now the rest of the details will be released slowly as development progresses. Updates are leaked regularly on our social platforms.

Green Boot

Green Jacket

Green Glove

Our Roadmap


Grab A Cup Of Coffee, We Are Under Construction!


Everest coin successfully completed a solidity finance audit prior to launch. Because Everest Coin intends to capture the larger decentralized exchange (DEX) in addition to the centralized exchange (CEX) market, Everest Coin has set their own standards of trust and credibility higher than the rest.

The solidity audit can be accessed here at solidity.finance and Everest coin has received a clean bill of health.


Legend has it that this prolific meme-coiner who has been crowned the mod title in over 50 meme coins stumbled upon the idea that birthed Everest Coin. He literally discovered Mount Everest in the metaverse.

A On (Founder)

Chief Everest Officer

Fondly known as Mr. Everest, this mountaineer spearheading the affairs of the whole team. In charge of the porters and the Sherpa guards, Mr. Everest can always be found at the base providing tips for a successful climb to team members.

Mr. Everest

Head of Team Affairs

Army Shiba gained influence in the crypto community by leading thousands of people to untold wealth when he discovered Shib in the early days. He was the first influencer to take a bet on Everest after his massively accurate calling skills told him how high up to the moon Everest is going. He leads nearly 100k people to the right crypto projects on Twitter.

Army Shiba(aka crypto king)

Resident Influencer

Legend has it, even though there are no restrictions to climbing the mountain during winter, only very few people have successfully gotten to the peak of the 8,850 meter-high mountain during that season. One such person is Snowfrost. And for this summit, who else is better equipped to lead our strategic planning than the man that surmounted the mountain despite harsh weather conditions!


Head of Strategic Climbing

F. Haastrup is the facilitator for partnerships, media and growth for Everest Coin across the Middle East and Africa.

F. Haastrup

Partnership Facilitator

The Lord of Memes is so good at what he does, we advise you don’t watch his videos when you have important things to do.


Lord of Memes

The Last Airbender is the brave copywriter responsible for the inscription at the base of the mountain, “Everest: A Mountain of Possibilities.” He equally penned the first words on the Everest website. Those words will forever inspire and be etched in the minds of all the people who make it to the mountain and to the moon.

Last Airbender

Chief Content Officer

Before now, nobody could feel the great mountain unless they traveled thousands of miles to get there. Armaghan thought it wise to create a digital experience for those who may not have the opportunity to come physically. Now users can climb the mountain to the summit with a few clicks, thanks to Armaghan.

Armaghan Ahmed

Web Development Lead


Head of Numbers (Spreadsheet Hero)

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