With Everest Coin, the main feature will be the play-to-earn Everest Game. Mount Everest has inspired awe and wonder in countless adventures and dreamers alike, and the Everest Game will do the same. Within the game, users can play-to-earn EVCoin and claim tradeable NFTs. Players will also earn points in the form of EVCoin as they level up. All of these in game assets and currencies can be traded on the open market for other currencies or fiat.
Everest Game is a revolutionary game built around Mount Everest. Players are presented with varying levels of difficulty as they attempt to surmount the mountain. Similar to the ever present and lifelong dream of many adventurers, the Everest Gaming platform will offer adventure in the form of blockchain gaming.
Users will have the ability to interact with other players in game as they attempt to conquer the mountain as well as earn and purchase NFTs that help them finish their quest.

· Green Boot
· Green Jacket
· Green Glove
· Yeti
While more will be announced about the trajectory of the Everest Coin Gaming Platform, for now the rest of the details will be released slowly as development progresses. Updates are leaked regularly on our social platforms.

Green Boot

Green Jacket

Green Glove