Everest NFTs

Have you qualified for one of our NFTs?

The core concept behind EverestCoin, the revolutionary play-to-earn metaverse crypto game built around Mount Everest is that players will be faced with varying levels of difficulties in an attempt to surmount the mountain. 

As holders play the game and advance, they will earn NFTs and EVCoin tokens which will be used as in-game assets while playing the crypto game. We currently have these NFTs based on the story of  Mount Everest.

Green Boot
Green Glove
Green Jacket
Santa Yeti

The NFTs earned by holders will become useful in the game because players will need to buy these gears to survive the harsh conditions of the summit and the difficult slopes of the mountain.

In order to reward our investors, we have been running a giveaway program since inception and have given out thousands of our rare Yeti NFTs. 

If you have participated in any of these giveaways, then you can check your eligibility for the NFT below.

Have you qualified for one of our NFTs?

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